Frequent Asked Questions2019-06-10T12:22:41-04:00
What does the SBDC do?2019-06-10T11:57:02-04:00

The NJ Small Business Development Centers’ network commits to guiding established small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to create and expand their business enterprises which will, in turn, result in sustainable growth, job creation and statewide economic development and prosperity.

Do you charge for your services?2019-06-10T11:58:23-04:00

Our services for counseling and training are provided for FREE. We are one of the small business services funded by the SBA of the United States so that gives us the ability to provide our services at no-cost.

What services do you provide?2019-06-10T12:00:51-04:00
Can we meet in the evenings or weekends?2019-06-10T12:01:21-04:00

Hours are by appointment only.

Habla espanol?2019-06-10T12:01:44-04:00


How do I register my business?2019-06-10T12:02:12-04:00

Registering a business is fairly simple but we recommend you speak to a small business consultant to understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a business entity.

What business entity is right for me?2019-06-10T12:03:16-04:00

It depends on your personal financial situation, sources of income, tangible assets and business. We recommend you speak with a small business consultant for guidance by registering here.

Is getting an LLC expensive?2019-06-10T12:03:49-04:00

Business entity fee’s range from $55-$125.00.

What kind of certifications are available?2019-06-10T12:04:18-04:00

Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) , and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE).

Do I need to sign a lease before I apply for a loan?2019-06-10T12:04:55-04:00

We do not recommend this. A signed lease is required only at the time you close a loan and obtain your funds.

Will the SBDC write my business plan?2019-06-10T12:06:06-04:00

The SBDC does not write business plans but we will assist you and guide you in the business plan process. Here is a Business Plan tool you can try now.

Do I need insurance / license / permit?2019-06-10T12:06:34-04:00

All businesses need Business Insurance. However, licenses & zoning permits vary by business and location.

How do I research my business / market / product / industry?2019-06-10T12:08:01-04:00
Where can I get funding?2019-06-10T12:08:27-04:00

You can obtain funding from primary and secondary lenders, angel investors, family, and friends.

Does the SBA provide loans?2019-06-10T12:09:36-04:00

The SBA does not loan directly but their SBA Guarantee Loan Program is an incentive for lenders to lend to small businesses. For more information go here.

Does the SBDC provide loans?2019-06-10T12:10:05-04:00

The SBDC does not provide loans however we know the SBA and Lender requirements and provide assistance in preparing the loans documents for submission to the lenders

How long does it take to obtain funding?2019-06-10T12:10:53-04:00

Minimum 45-60 days.

Should I go directly to a lender for a Small Business loan?2019-06-10T12:15:04-04:00

There are many requirements other than an application that can get complicated. We do not recommend you apply for a small business loan without speaking to a small business consultant.

Are there small business grants?2019-06-10T12:18:58-04:00

The SBA or SBDC does not provide grants.

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