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Training takes the form of workshops, seminars and conferences on topics such as Starting a Small Business, Marketing, Financing, Accounting, Developing a Business Plan, Managing, E-Commerce, and more.

Local Events

Basics of Marketing and Sales Workshop @ BCB Bank
Oct 16 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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In this Introductory workshop, entrepreneurs will learn the basics of how to do market research, create a pricing strategy, understand their target markets, efficient engagement, and how to promote and sell.

Event Outline:

  • How to position your product or service without aggressively pitching
  • How to identify potential prospects at any event or organization
  • How to look for referrals within your own network of contacts
Follow-up with Leads
  • How to remain committed to following up with your leads
  • What free tools or CRM systems exist to help you stay organized
  • How to draft an email to that prompts a response
  • How to call a prospect and engage prospect into the conversation
Qualifying Prospects
  • How to immediately qualify a prospect
  • What are some of the hard questions to ask a prospect
  • How to engage the prospect to give you information on their pain points
  • How to present your product or service with value
  • What are some of the presentation tools that you can use
  • How to ask hard questions after presenting to decision makers
Asking for the Sale/Close
  • How to rebuttal any objections or concerns on your service/product
  • How to ask the hard questions right after a presentation
  • How to move forward with a close


Street & Metered Parking

CPA Forum- Small Business Tax Planning @ Kearny Point
Nov 14 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
CPA Forum- Small Business Tax Planning @ Kearny Point

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We brought together 3 local Certified Public Accountants to introduce you to the powerful benefits of tax planning.

Lower your tax liabilities and improve your bottom line.

Bring a list of questions ready!

Limited Parking Available: Street parking is $0.25/per hour


Starting a Business and Writing a Business Plan @ BCB Indus American Bank
Dec 4 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Starting a Business and Writing a Business Plan @ BCB Indus American Bank

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This training will cover :

  • An introduction to different business entities
  • A Personal and Business Assessment process
  • How to finance your business
  • Certifications that can help your business grow
  • A Step-by-Step process of developing a Business Plan


Street & Metered Parking

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